Psychological support

Social support during labour, birth and the early postnatal period

The majority of the mothers we spoke to gave birth with a support person present. For most mothers, this was their partner. If single, women chose to have their mother or a close friend attend. Several fathers also talked about their experiences of supporting their partner’s labour and birth.

A few women felt it was important to have another support person in addition to their partner. They thought an extra person could take pressure off their partner, or provide support in case their partner was unable to. Some women said their partners were ‘squeamish’ or being unable to cope with seeing their partner in pain. Several women had another woman present, and they mostly preferred someone who had experienced or witnessed birth. A few women had their mother supporting them during labour while several were concerned their mother would not provide the kind of support they felt they needed.

Rumer asked two close female friends as well as her partner to support her during her labour and birth.

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