Pregnancy Month by Month

1 month (1-4 weeks).
Pregnancy is counted from 1 day of last menstrual period, so in the future narrative word "week" will mean the countdown period from now on. And the word "day" - counting from conception. Therefore, in one month only 18 days ...%)))

Day 1 - fertilization.
Day 4 - consists of a germ cell 58 and enters the region of the uterus. The fetus and the umbilical cord will be developed only from 5 cells. The remaining 53 cells are needed to supply the fetus.
7-8 day - implantation (often in the overlying surface of the vessel).
7-14 day - the first critical period.
Day 9 - fertilized egg is surrounded on all sides by the mucous membrane of the uterus.
Day 15 - the fetus appears primitive notochord and intestine.
13-18 days - the villi are formed between the uterine wall and the outer shell around the nucleus. Formation of membranes bubble starts, the system of placental circulation.
Day 17 - the fruit reaches a length of 2 to 5 mm. His body arched and resembles the letter S.
Day 18 - starts to shrink the primitive heart.
3-6 weeks - the second critical period.

2 month (5-8 weeks).
Day 20 - there are the beginnings of brain and spinal cord.
Day 24 - rudiments appear ears, eyes, thyroid, liver, lung, intestine.
5 weeks - appears cord.
Day 28 - embryo has grown to 5-8 mm. The head is at right angles to the body, seals marked future ears, eyes, there is a small tail, gill slits; Of course you can see on the future fingers.
5-6 weeks - are actively developing limb.
24-40 days - the active formation of the heart, eyes.
6 weeks - the embryo reaches 15 mm, the tail is extended and bent.
7 ned.- formed the beginnings of teeth. 8 ned.- well formed hands and feet.
28-49 days most sensitive to chemicals and poisons.
By the end of the second month the fetus appears human face. Eyes are somewhat closer together. They still do not have eyelids and look huge. Very prominent forehead, large mouth, but already there are lips. Head straightened tail disappears rapidly evolving course already guessed elbows and knees. Stomach and intestines are taking final shape. The cloaca is divided into two openings. Develops breathing apparatus. Brain and heart similar to adult bodies. Embryo straight. Appears neck disappear gill slits between the lower limbs there is a bump - the basis for the development of sexual organs. Embryo growth reaches 3-4 cm and weight - 5-9 The total volume - a chicken egg. A person with a flat nose and push forward the mandible. The developing CNS. The trough of the spinal cord closes. 97% of the embryos being water. Two-month fetus is called a fruit.
3 month (9-12 weeks).
From the third month the fetus starts functioning organ of balance - the vestibular apparatus. The more the mother moves, the better it develops. The skin of the fetus glassy transparent. Upper limbs are growing faster than the lower ones. The three-month fetus acquires the characteristic human form. Its length - 9 cm, weight '45 Head and neck straightened, constituting half of the total length. Well-formed face. Under the skin translucent blood vessels. The fruit looks like a skinny, bones and muscles are allocated under the skin with no fat layer. The skeleton of the fetus is completely cartilaginous. The skeleton and musculature is so pronounced that the fruit makes its first movement - moving hands, feet, clenched his fists, opens his mouth, swallows, trying to make sucking movements. Fetal heartbeat is heard - it is almost two times higher than in the mother.
10 weeks - start to differ genitals of boys and girls.
12 weeks - there are vocal cords. Converging eyes, eyelids appear develops eyeball, reduced mouth, nostrils wide open, ears like two slits. Fingertips solidify. Significantly develop liver, kidney. There are first hairs - on the upper lip and above the eyes.
The day the baby grows at an average of 1, 8 mm, and gaining weight 1, 4 years!
4 month (13-16 weeks).
Up to 15-16 weeks - the active growth of the brain, which slows the growth of the entire body.
4 month - the third critical period of fetal development. With a shortage of vitamin E may come a miscarriage.
15 weeks - begins to produce the male sex hormone - testosterone. Female - a little later. Ends differentiation genitals. Internal genitals already partially formed.
In the fourth month, changing the color of the skin of the fruit. Glassy-whitish color becomes dull red. On the skin, there are small hairs.
Four-month fetus has a length of about 16 cm and a weight of about 120 g of four fetal Brush - 1, 4 cm.
Four-month fetus has a length of about 16 cm and a weight of about 120 g of four fetal Brush - 1, 4 cm.
Before the start of the fifth month of the main place of hematopoiesis is the liver, which is growing very early and is already able to accumulate glycogen and produce bile.
Changing proportions. The head seems smaller in relation to the body than before. Starts functioning sebaceous and sweat glands, and kidneys.
In the intestine, meconium accumulates.
Daily weight gain of 2 6 g, the growth of - 2 to 5 mm.
5 month (17-20 weeks)
Basically formed nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system and blood formation. The arms and legs start to grow marigolds. Notice the deposition of subcutaneous fat, with the exception of the face, so the skin on the face of a five-month fetus wrinkled, giving him the appearance of an old man. By this time, there is a sucking reflex. Growth slows m head she already is a third of the length of the fruit. Begin to grow hairs on the head.
The length of the fetus, on average 25 cm, weight 300-400, the heartbeat of the fetus begins to audition conventional stethoscope.
Weight mother to this period increased by about 4 kg.
6 month. (21-24 weeks)
The kidneys begin to secrete in amniotic fluid urea and uric acid. The fruit is covered with thin delicate hairs - lanugo. Form a layer of subcutaneous fat - the fruit becomes "beautiful". Slows the growth in length, but accelerated weight gain. By the end of the month the fetus weighs 600-650 g and 30 cm in length. Brush the fruit of 2 cm. The person becomes more definite, clearly visible eyebrows, nose drawing drawn clearer ears increases, the neck is extended. The child wakes up and goes to sleep.
Weight gain - about 10 g per day!
7 month (25-28 weeks)
By the end of the seventh month of fetal length is 35 cm, weight - 1300 The hair disappear on all parts of the body except the head. By this time the development of the fetus mainly ends in boys testicles descend into the scrotum, well formed and opened his eyes. Hair color has a length of about 0 5 cm. The fruit is still free to change its position. The fetus can hear, has a vision, can suck his own finger.
Weight gain - 25 grams per day!
8 months (29-32 weeks)
In the eighth month of the subcutaneous fat layer becomes even thicker. The skin gets lighter shade. The rate of development of the brain before 33 weeks is higher than the growing body. By the end of the month on the average fetus reaches a length of 40 cm, weight 1700
9 months (33-36 weeks)
In the ninth month, and disappears down, cover the skin of the child. Subcutaneous fat layer increases, Leather lined. Buying a beautiful pink color. Brain growth slows. But the accelerated growth of the cerebellum (so premature babies are often long awkward.) By the end of the month the child takes in ovum permanent position, often - head down. The average baby weighs 2800, growth of 46 cm. The heart beats at a speed of 120-140 beats per minute. Ripen liver and lungs.
10 months (37-40 weeks).
By the end of the month the fetus reaches an average of 52 cm and a length of 3500 marigold longer fingertips. Kid ready to leave and the meeting with his mother.