Preparing to labor

Childbirth - a small duration, but a very important and difficult stage in a woman's life. Therefore, no time spent on preparation for childbirth, can not be considered excessive. The better the woman prepared to leave, the easier it will be, the less complications arise, and will be the happier reunion of mother and baby.
It is important to prepare your body and mind to this important moment in life.
The body must be prepared to leave. For this particularly good special complexes of gymnastic exercises designed to train and develop the elasticity of the most important muscle groups.
Indispensable for childbirth preparation specially designed for pregnant classes in the pool, especially during these sessions trains ability to hold the breath, which is very necessary during labor, and are given relaxation exercises and stretching all the same muscles involved in childbirth.
  Exercise proper breathing should be given maximum attention. If the laboring woman is fluent breath and she can cope with the pain and relax and help your body to "vytuzhit" baby step of attempts at delivery.
Proper nutrition - and not only in terms of adequate and not excessive amount of calories. It is important to know about what products worth is, and what - no. For example, it is important that in the last weeks of pregnancy in pregnant diet includes a large number of vegetable oil, which makes the tissue more elastic, but the salt, meat, pickled products, many experts advise to refuse.
It is important to a lot of walking, active lifestyle - it works on lighter, good delivery.
In the case of particularly pregnancy (IVF diabetes in mothers, etc.) should consult with your doctor about the available activity and diet.
Psychological preparation:
Importantly, what attitude is facing a pregnant woman, how to relate to her, her pregnancy and her baby close to her people, especially the father of the child, her parents and older children.
What is the ratio of softer and more anxious, the more people who love her and her baby, the more comfortable feel pregnant woman, the more she relaxed, the better supplied with blood uterus, the better the child develops. In the body of the pregnant women are connected to everything, and you can not forget about it.
Need a mood of pregnant women that the birth will take place safely, it is important to love the baby, her desire to do everything possible to help him be born healthy.
Among other things, childbirth often scare the future mother of his uncertainty. The more she knows, the less afraid - and this is perfectly natural. Ask your doctor to tell you about the birth process.
  Another important detail of preparation for childbirth: a search for your doctor and decide on where, how and with whom will undergo childbirth. Desirable that the birth took doctor who introduced the pregnancy. He knows the history of the future mother and she trust him. In the first trimester, it is desirable to consult a few experts and choose the one with whom comfortable and who is more qualified. It's worth asking your doctor as it relates to natural childbirth. A doctor who claims that a cesarean is more comfortable for mom or not qualified, or rather take care of your own comfort, because he is scheduled for surgery at a convenient time. We must remember that a cesarean section - an operation and it should be exclusively for medical reasons. Recovering from a cesarean delivery can occur a long time. Also after cesarean next pregnancy is contraindicated and dangerous within 3 years. Children born by Caesarean section require more care and attention, they are often reduced immunity and are more excitable and susceptible to external influences.
  Communicating with your baby calms mom and establishes a link between them. Childbirth - a joint effort and the child feels all the emotions and experiences of mothers. He also scared and the calmer and more confident mom would pass the easier childbirth.

Preparing for childbirth. Breathing exercises.

Relaxing - the art of living.
  If it is good and proper breathing during labor, it is likely that your labors will be without any medical intervention. The birth of your baby will be soft, natural and dignified, and the baby will be strong and healthy.
When the fear of childbirth is strong, then the bodies involved in the birth, begin to resist. This leads to stress, poor circulation to the uterus, a deficiency of oxygen in the tissues and organs of the future mother and baby. If you are afraid of pain, and do not know how it will transfer the best way from fear - prepare well for the pain, learn more about what will happen to you and your baby during childbirth, learn to breathe correctly. Your confidence, your knowledge, your positive attitude - a 90% success rate.
To reduce pain, above all, we must learn to relax between contractions. Begin to master the techniques of relaxation stands with 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.
Exercises easy to learn, perform their recommended daily.
First, find a comfortable position, lying on the bed, on the floor, or sit in a chair. Include a pleasant, relaxing music. Close your eyes and start to breathe. Inhale through the nose do, with a little tummy inflate, exhale through the mouth, lips slightly elongated tube, tummy while blow off. To control that you breathe is the belly, put his hands on his tummy and feel how it is filled in your hands, it becomes empty. The exhalation should be calm, slightly longer than the inhalation. Listen to your breathing. Imagine how oxygen enters into every cell of your body and your baby's cells. Oxygen - that's life.
Then try to imagine your baby. Talk to him mentally. Tell us what you did today, we have seen, tell us how you love him, wait and believe in him. Tell him yourself, and that you will be all right, that everything will turn out that you do your best. Tell me what he should do when labor begins, how to put the head as to turn to pass on such short but such a complex way of birth. Believe me, your baby hears and feels.
Try to have you, no one interfered. Breathe calmly, freely - inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth, stomach inflated, tummy blew.
During the last 6 weeks breathe every day for 20-30 minutes, train various types of breathing, breath holding the load. Your training will lead to the fact that during labor you start to breathe without thinking, and will pick up exactly the breath, which will help you.
If the birth was uneventful, the more you move around in labor, the more you are in the upright position, the softer and more natural will be your birth.
As known genera begin with contractions. Once you understand that this is the birth pangs (different from the preliminary fact that there are approximately equal time intervals, intensity increases, the interval between contractions gradually reduced) try not to lie, and move a little.
If labor begins gradually, first contractions are weak, not panting specially unnecessary. But when the pain will intensify can try to breathe deep slow breathing.
Try first consider herself or ask someone you thought. Inhale to make the score 3, exhale at the expense 7. Inhale through the nose, tummy while slowly inflate, exhale through the mouth, lips, pull tube, belly blow off slowly. Breathe as 1 minute. You will succeed with such a score 6 breaths in 1 minute.
Birth pangs always more frequent, shorter interval between them, the duration of contractions increases, and growing pains. With increasing contractions try using more deep and slow breathing. Inhale at the expense of 5, exhale at the expense of 10, received 4 breaths per minute. Breathe well for 1-2 minutes. This breath is necessary to train. Can not immediately get such a long exhale. Train gradually - 3/6 - 3/7 - 4/8 - 5/9 - 5/10.
If you do not water broke, contractions are weak, with an interval of 20-30 minutes, do not rush to the hospital. Turn calm pleasant music (well, if it is the music that you have learned to relax). While you will slowly gather in the hospital, brush up Move to the beat of the music. Very mobile, you should have pelvic region. Wiggle his hips forward, backward, in circles, describe eight, just dance. Squat, Topcu, get on all fours and wiggle in that position. Can take a large gymnastic ball (diameter of 65-75 cm.), A little jump on it or rotate the hips in a circle sitting on the ball. All this will relax you, increase the mobility of the pelvis, improve cervical opening, reduce pain of contractions.
When you arrive at the hospital, try not to lie there. It is important to find a comfortable position in which you will be comfortable to breathe during labor.
Try to "hang" your tummy. So the weight of the uterus will be less pressure on the large blood vessels, improving this utero-placental blood flow. You can lean forward a bit and find a support (table, headboard, back, and so sill. D.), Can stand on all fours, just walk, bend, squat, Topcu. This is your dance in childbirth. Toddler while under its own weight would be better to move through the birth canal.
Do not forget, when you breathe during contractions stroking tummy. During inhalation up the side surfaces during exhalation down the center to the pubic area. On the strong contractions squeeze hands into fists and rub over the entire encounter lumbosacral rhombus or thumbs with the power on, press the area anterior superior iliac ledges on the right and the left. Remember, this massage should begin as soon as the battle begins, the pain is still not strong enough.
The first stage of labor requires a peaceful relaxing and quiet confidence. If the muscles of the abdominal wall and pelvic floor relaxed and no resistance, each contraction of the uterus gently pushes the baby through the birth canal. Voltage reduces the circular muscles of the neck. This causes the uterus to work harder and cause pain. This inevitably decrease the supply of oxygen to the tissues of the uterus. It also leads to increased pain during labor.
At the end of the first period, when the cervix opens to the end, the fight can be frequent (20-30 seconds), duration of up to 2 minutes, the pain at the same time be strong enough. Here is more suitable shallow rapid breathing. During training, you can breathe a nose-mouth (quick breath through his nose and a quick exhale through the mouth), mouth-mouth (lips pull tube or slightly open mouth and breathe 'the Dog "), or nose-nose (inhale and exhale through the nose if nasal breathing is not difficult). It is important to breathe often within minutes when it should occur a little dizzy. Do not be afraid of this one is a component of anesthesia. If you peredyshali and you strongly feel dizzy, breathe quietly deep slow breathing, so you restore gas exchange in the blood.
Quest is a wave. Pain first appears, grows, rests at the peak of 1-2 minutes, then gradually goes away. Therefore their training bout starts breathing slowed breathing, then accelerates, breathe Part 1 minute, then gradually slows down.
Between contractions, no pain, but there do not go out of the rhythm of breathing. Breathe calmly, rhythmically, breath in through the nose, for example on the 2-3, exhale through the mouth at the expense of 5-6. Prodyshite as 2-3 minutes and again start slowly and accelerate t. D.
At the end of the first period of a desire tighter, but before examination by a doctor or midwife cervical opening attempts must keep. Breathe as often as in the strong contractions. This is the most intense period of the birth. It is particularly useful to your breathing exercises.
In the second stage of labor needed breath holding. You have successfully learn to hold their breath up to 30 seconds, but still push. Therefore, attempts to exercise during pregnancy is as follows - you take a deep sharp breath through your mouth, hold your breath, mouth slightly ajar and begin gentle pressure on the perineum (like go to the toilet at large) for 10-15-20-30 seconds (Train slowly!), then make a smooth gentle exhalation through the mouth (in no case exhalation should not be sharp), then immediately dial again the air and so repeat 2 more times.
In the second stage of labor can push squatting, kneeling, sitting on the board, reclining or lying on its side, with a raised upper leg. During any attempts in the upright position is achieved by optimal coordination of the abdominals, back and pelvic floor.
If your doctor allows free behavior in labor - move, look for their most comfortable position, the most comfortable position for you and your baby, dance the dance in childbirth.
Lung you genera!

Recovery after childbirth.

Childbirth - a serious jolt to the body of any mother. No matter how much they did not last a few hours or days, the result is a fundamental change in the lives of women, the restructuring of all systems and organs for later feeding and nurturing your baby. And this restructuring can not happen instantly. Some changes, the woman feels at once, but quite significant changes will occur even for a few weeks.
What needs to change?
• The uterus is returned to the original dimensions. In the uterus is restored mucosa. All this is accompanied by a discharge of postpartum discharge - lochia.
• All the internal organs, potesnenny baby in late pregnancy should take their usual places. Some of them go back to their normal size doberemennym. All agencies working "for two", such as heart, liver, kidneys mother gradually getting used to work in the old way.
• podzhivaet after stretching ligaments, Spreading during childbirth bones lose their mobility, and perhaps will take a new position.
• Heal all microtrauma, cracks and other damage to the soft tissues of the mother. At the site of serious gaps formed scars.
• Major restructuring affect the endocrine system. Of the female body left body endocrine system - the placenta, which maintained the required level of hormones not only the baby, but also to regulate the hormonal balance in women. The remaining woman endocrine glands also changed - they decrease in size as well as during pregnancy and childbirth is working harder. However, there remains a high level of work hormones which should ensure lactation.
• It changes the mammary glands. They seem to be exactly adjusted to the feeding of the baby, who was born to this mother. Starting with a few drops of colostrum, the body gradually learns to produce milk, and age-appropriate needs of the baby. The process of establishing lactation takes quite a long time.
As mentioned above, this can not occur quickly. Transitional period, the recovery time of all functions and stabilization of the new state - lactation lasts about 6 weeks. However, how successful it will be very dependent on what was childbirth.
Biologically normal deliveries suggest that a woman's body trigger mechanisms to help it recover quickly and without problems. These mechanisms include, if appropriate natural childbirth scheme, ie are in a safe secure place where the woman feels secure and bears as much time as you need her and her baby. Normally, a woman for all births increases the level of endorphins, hormones of pleasure, which reaches its peak at the time of birth.
Endorphins, prolactin and oxytocin help my mother not only survive prosperous generations, but just safely after they recover. Indeed, all of these 6 weeks, all processes are spontaneous and do not require any special measures mom or procedures. All she needed - a quiet and child under the breast!
General recommendations after childbirth:
In the first three days just lying mom with rebyatenka. This allows all the organs neatly begin to fall into place, and the mother must learn how to put the baby to the breast. The kid in the early days, too, requires little maintenance. Therefore, the mother is able to do whatever is necessary, not getting out of bed.
Uterine contractions occur regularly due to full sucking child. As a supporting measure may be periodically mother lying on her stomach and a couple of times to lie down on the cold warmer ice.
Particularly noteworthy only hygienic measures. Regular and thorough washing away, followed by treatment of genital using disinfectants not only prevents the emergence of postpartum infection, but also help heal wounds and abrasions. No less effective measure is to simply airing. This will be possible if a few days to give up the use of shorts and a lot of lying, resting pad under a woman, and not pinching it between her legs.
In a special diet these days only needed by women with strong discontinuities. To establish a full lactation woman should not feel thirsty, so you can drink as much as you want.
In the following these days a week usually mothers begin to move more actively.
Moving around the house with the baby in her arms, do not yet enjoy the bra. The skin on the breast adapts to the process of sucking just 10-14 days, and at that time it needs contact with the air. A simple T-shirt or shirt large breasts will cover the outside and a bra is best left for the exits. The exception to this rule is a woman with a very massive and heavy breasts, which move around the house without a bra can be very uncomfortable.
By the end of 6 weeks after a woman biologically normal delivery usually completely physically recovered.

Food should be healthy and rich variety of B vitamins and iron.
It is advisable to get plenty of rest and sleep. In the first three months the main concern is her mother's child. All the household chores can wait for later, and perform only the most necessary. Complete rest is the primary prevention of postpartum depression.
After recovery and return to sexual activity is advisable to consult with your doctor about the available forms of contraception. Because body fully recover and be ready for the next normal healthy pregnancy in 2-3 years.
  Exercise and activities to restore the figures need to start gradually from 6 months.
All cosmetic events associated with the use of chemistry, laser or other deep impact should be postponed until the completion of the period of lactation. Because during lactation in mothers and altered hormonal response to these procedures is difficult to predict.
IMPORTANT. Keep calm and not get in stressful situations. When stress may disappear milk, lactation but usually recover when my mother calms down.
In the first three months, it is desirable to avoid visiting crowded places and large guests visit. It's tiring for both mother and child.
In the first 3 months of my mother's and baby's immunity is lowered. It is necessary to take care of cleanliness and personal hygiene facilities not only mothers, but also the people around her. Try to avoid contact with possible viruses.
More positive emotions, confidence and peace of mind and then recuperate pass easily.

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